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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Silly Photos

I think everyone knows that I got an awesome camera for Christmas and LOVE to take pictures. But (I admit) I am not the greatest at it.  I found this course - Silly Photography - by Steve Sonheim and have finished the first assignment.  I had to take twenty photos of the same subject - with my eyes shut.  I could not open them until all 20 were taken. I then had to pick my favourite and post it somewhere. I did this assignment six times and here are the results:
I like this photo because of the scope of the elements I captured from my back yard. I  am happy that some areas are in shadows and some in sunlight.  The trees seem to frame the area.
Possibly my very favourite photo!  I shot into the tree from high and low and by walking around.  Since my eyes were closed, I bumped into the table LOL.  I love the contrast between the smooth and rough branches in the foreground. Just enough shadow to make it interesting.
Not the best 20 to choose from.  I was a bit crooked with most of them and, since we were not supposed to edit, I could not straighten them.  I do like the depth of this picture and how much detail there is even in the background.
Another poor 20 results - but this is the best of them.  I somehow got the base of the tree (guess I pointed down) and I kind of like that feature.  The lighting could be improved with editing.
I really like how the pink of the blossoms adds colour to this photo.  There is a bit more contrast in this photo and the details are crisper.  This is actually a phot I am happy with -shows lots of elements without being too busy!
OK, I had to take a series of photos up into the branches of the tree.  For this one, I must have stepped backwards and only captured the top of the tree.  Since the sky is so clear, the details of the branches really stand out.
I think I will practice this exercise again soon.  It was fun and really made me look at my pictures.
Have a great day!

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  1. This is an awesome idea!!! I think I'll need to buy a camera so I can do this, too! ;)


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