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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Curly Haired Girl

It has been awhile -again- since I posted here.
So, here goes...............
I have a cute girl I painted today with black, curly hair.  I was totally stumped as to how to do the hair so I simply painted a black blob and added white circles for curls. 
She is done completely in acrylics and I LOVE her.  This was an experiment in several different techniques and a painting I did as a direct result of a class I took by Natasha  May.  I am so enjoying this class and I have several sketches - I just haven't turned them into paintings.
I never would have thought I would enjoy drawing and painting these female characters but I really do.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cotton Candy Girl Workshop

Hello and good day!
I  have been taking a workshop from Natasha May and here is my first painting:
I like everything about her but feel I could have made her just a bit happier looking.  The dress is scrap booking paper and the wings are vellum.  I accented them with gold paint and the swirls are drawn in gold marker.
I am so enjoying this class and am hoping to do some more girls during resting time on my trip.
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