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Monday, April 1, 2013

Texturized Girl

Hello everyone. Hope your Easter was a pleasant one and that you enjoyed time with family and friends.  
I have another girl for you today -this one which incorporates  the  background into the girl (or vice versa).  This girl is painted with acrylics and she is painted on the textured, patterned background.  The background is a combination of spray inks, paints, stencils and stamping. 

She is inspired by the class I am taking by Natasha may -with a twist.  In the class, we painted over the background so that the hair contrasted.  I LOVE the fact that I left the background as is and only outlined the hair.  I did put a white shadow around the entire lady so that she stands out just a bit.
Art is about expression, growth and learning.  In this painting, I learned a few things that I will do different next time.  When I make a slightly tilted, turned head, I have to be more careful of the facing cheek.  it is a bit thick on this painting but I could not fix it without sanding it right down. But, in general, I really like this piece.
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