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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Halloween Art

I am back at it again. Another Halloween canvas.....this time a witch.
My little witch is a cross between grumpy and sweet (if that is possible).  Her face looks a tad stern or "witchy" if you want but the rest of her is like a little girl.  I used sheet music for the background and I could not get one wrinkle out - but, oh well, I can live with that.
Here is my original sketch:You will notice that my final work is very different from it.  I decided to soften her nose and make her much taller and thinner than the original. I also did not include the bat and moved the jack-o-lantern to the middle and to put a black cat in it.  I also liked the idea of making her pumpkin and cat 3-d so that is what I did.  Since the witch has darker clothes, I decided to make the background base yellow with orange and green accents.  The raised dots are molding paste mixed with orange paint.
Hope you have enjoyed my Halloween pieces as much as I have.  I may be finished with them - but, then again, maybe not.
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I love this one..I think it is because of the cat


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