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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Calico Angel

For our challenge over at TRY STAMPIN' ON TUESDAY this week, we are to create any kind of tag we want and give a short tutorial on how to make it.  Here is mine:
I chose to do a mixed media tag with spray ink background coloured and collaged angel, metal and button accents and a simple printed message.

Supplies: cardstock tag or heavy paper to cut one out
               cardstock to draw your angel on, copy paper
               spray inks of your choice, Kosher salt
               scrap of fabric, foil 2" square
               tulle or netting
               Copic Markers or coloured pencils to colour angel 
               permanent pen
               2 twigs
               wooden heart or button heart
               star brad
               matte medium or Mod podge
               hot glue gun
To make the background, all you need is spray inks (of any kind) in the colours you want and Kosher salt.  I used two blues and a purple for mine.
All you do is spray your tag (mine is water color paper but any heavy paper will do) with your inks.  You can blot and spray again if you are not happy with the coverage.  Then, while it is wet, sprinkle with the salt and set aside to dry.  IT MUST BE BONE DRY BEFORE YOU TOUCH IT AGAIN.  Then rub the salt off and you have a cool, sky-like background.
Now, draw a very simple angel body on cardstock and paint or colour her face and hair.  My shape is a head with a pyramid body.  Make the entire girl about 5" in height.  Now for the fun stuff:  I used a piece of tinfoil and a 2" punch and punched out a halo for her which I glued to the back of her head.  For her dress, I raided my fabric stash and, using matte medium (but you can use Mod Podge) I adhered the fabric to her body to create a dress.  When it is dry, trim it to the right shape and size.  Her wings are netting which I gathered and hot glued to her back.  Now, hot glue the angel to the tag.  For her arms, I took two tiny twigs and hot glued them behind her body.  Then, I wrote my sayings on white paper with permanent pen and matte mediumed them to the tag.  Lastly, I added a wooden button heart to her dress (first I snipped off the shank) and also I glued the star (which is a brad with the back snipped off) up in the corner.
Very simple! and yet so cute.  I am going to do a series of calico angel tags so please check back.


  1. Love your angel, she is fab & her dress looks great!
    Hugs Shell xx

  2. Your angel tag is fabulous! Beautiful colouring and I love her wings.

  3. What a sweet little tag :) The dress is cute and love those wings. Thanks for sharing!


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