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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Raspberries and Seed Pods

I love taking photos of plants and flowers. To me, a great photo is also great art.  Now, I am not suggesting my photos are great -- but they sure are getting better and I LOVE taking them.
My Raspberry Bush
amazing that there are still ripening berries.
I tried really hard to capture the ripe berries, almost ripe ones, ones that will never ripen and the various colours of foliage.
And I am very happy with it.

Seedpods on Our Back Fence
Two different stages of progression - the first is much newer than the bottom photo.  The bottom one is just about dead.
On the top one, I like how the vines crisscross in front of the pods.
In the bottom one, I focused in on the pod so the leaf in front is faded.  I am so happy that I am learning about focusing.  It is trial and error but I see how my skills are evolving.

Let me know what you think!

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